Humane Squirrels Removal Services

Squirrels can easily chew plastic, wood, aluminium and metal


MATING-Late winter and late summer.
GESTATION-42 days.
BORN-Spring and fall
LITTER-1 to 6 Kits ( baby squirrels are call kits, kitten or pups)

Squirrels are very curious animals and will travel from tree to roof, wire to roof, and roof to roof.

Squirrels will come across little imperfections sometimes left by builders. Squirrels can easily chew plastic, wood, aluminium and metal-YES aluminium and small metal plates.

Squirrels will chew many things that are in its way.

Squirrels are like beavers, they need to chew because their teeth are continuously growing. Chewing helps to keep their teeth short. Squirrels can easily access chimneys, fire places, roof vents, side vents, roof exhausts and roof line

We will set a special trap door for Squirrels at the entry point. When it goes out, squirrels will get trap outside and will be free.

This is where preventive work is a MUST! After 7 days, we will return to remove the trap door and close the entry point.