Humane Skunk Removal Services

Skunks will use any crawl space or hole and will dig to gain shelter


MATING-January to late March
GESTATION-63 days.
BORN-Middle March to late May
LITTER-1 to 6 Kits

Kits are fully mobile by 8 weeks and can leave den shortly after 10 weeks.
The kits eye’s will open around 21 days.
Skunks are very shy, nocturnal animals. Skunks will use any crawl space or hole and will dig to gain shelter.

Skunks often use crawl spaces from an oldhomes, decks, staircases, garages, barns, wood piles, concrete slabs, side walks or under a pool.

Anything that a skunk can dig its way under or squeeze itself through in order to get in a dark space to use as a den.

When a skunk gets into a space under or close to a house, such as under a deck or pool, the female will spray when rejecting the male during mating season. When this happens, a very nasty smell will linger in your home for a very long time (WEEKS).

Skunks always look for grubs and bugs, so skunks will often venture close to your house to forage for food. Skunks will dig in your grass and often will fall into a window wells, holes where they then get trapped.

If a window is open around basement, skunks could and will venture through and fall inside your home!

Yes this has happened very often!!!


Skunks are a ‘BURROWING” animals. We will set a special door and secured the hole and perimeter. Once the skunk goes out, it is trapped outside it’s shelter and is then free.

During baby season, many possibilities can happen and situations can be more difficult to remove the female skunk and her offspring from their den.