Humane Raccoon Removal Services

Once raccoons get access, they will remember the spot year after years


MATING-Late December to Mid-March.
BORN-Late February to June
LITTER- 1 to 8 kits ( baby raccoon are called “kits” or “cubs”)
Baby kits are fully mobile at 8 weeks old. Theirs eyes open at approximately 21 days old.

Raccoons are very intelligent animals. They will learn how to open garbage, garage, shed or brake roof vent and chimney capping ,deck ,roof,

When raccoons learn a new trick, they will show the offspring how to do it and this will be passed on from generation to generation of raccoons. Raccoons are very territorial and when raccoons take a shelter on your property they intend to stay and will mark their territory.

Once raccoons get access, they will remember the spot year after years and will return again to try to gain access. This is where preventive work is a MUST!

When a raccoons is chased out of one shelter, it will try many different ways to regain access into the house, attic ,garage, shed or crawlspace. Therefore if simply a live trap is used, the raccoon will return once released.

They are extremely strong and extremely destructive animals. Raccoons can tear apart roofs ,vents, chimneys cap, soffit and even garage doors.


We will locate where the raccoon is gaining access and we will set a special door. When the raccoon goes out , it will get trapped outside and is then free.

This is where preventive work is a must.

After 7 days , we will return to remove the trap door and close the entry point. During baby season, many possibilities can happen

Situations can be more difficult to remove a female raccoon and her offspring from the shelter.