Humane Bat Removal Services

bats defecated large amounts of guanos (Guano is extremely toxic)


LITTER-1 to 2 Pups ( baby bats are call pups)

The female bat will sometimes carry the youngster on her belly. Female bats are able to fly with her pup attached to her.

Females will feed their little ones until they are strong enough to fly out in August to hunt. Adult bats can eat up to half their body weight in one night ( mosquito’s, bugs, small flies.)

Bats are great to keep the mosquito’s population down. Unfortunately bats also defecated large amounts of guanos,(bat feces/Guano) because of the quantity of insects they eat. Guano is extremely toxic.

Bats can squeeze in very little spaces. A professional wildlife technician will be able to find where they are coming in.


Bats are very difficult to remove. Their ability to squeeze their small body through very tiny cracks.

We need to do a lot of preventive work, then we set special door and some netting.For severe trouble spots

We can use ultra sound as well to help flush them out. We use special “paste” that attract bats to make them exit much faster.

With bats, it can be a problem that takes a longer time to solve. After 30 days, we will return to have the special door removed and to close the holes.

During baby season, different techniques will be applied. We will not set a slide door for bats in baby season.( End of June to end of August) Female bats need to be able to return to the offspring to feed them. After baby season we will return to set a special door trap.