Humane Animal Control & Removal Services Vaughan

With over 12 years of experience in wildlife control, A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal and prevention is now bringing the best customer service in the industry to Vaughan, Ontario.

While it was once known as, “The City Above Toronto,” Vaughan has dropped that moniker and stepped into the spotlight itself, attracting more people and more unwanted pests into the area.

With a population of over 280, 000 people, Vaughan has been one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada since the 1990s, growing by 80.2% from 1996-2006 and another 20.7% from 2006-2011. Young families have made up the vast majority of the new residents in Vaughan with over 22% of its population under the age of 14 and an average age of just over 34.

Luckily, there’s plenty of things to do for the whole family in Vaughan from Canada’s Wonderland – the nation’s largest amusement park which boasts rides for all ages, 16 roller coasters, a water park as well as a dinosaur themed section. There’s also Reptillia, a reptile zoo and education facility where you can learn about over 250 animals including nile crocodiles, pythons, tortoises and alligators. There’s public feedings four times a day.

But, while you may be welcome visitors for these animals, when wildlife shows up at your own home sometimes it needs to be removed. That’s where A1 Wildlife Removal and Prevention can help! While nile crocodiles may be out of our range of expertise, we have over 12 years of experience dealing with everything from raccoons to bats, opossums, wasps, foxes, skunks, rabbits, snakes and squirrels.

Home Animal & Pest Control Services Vaughan

Unwanted animals can bring along more than just a visual annoyance. Their bodily waste can make your family extremely sick, and they even docile seeming animals can become aggressive and violent under many circumstances. Having them properly removed and securing your home so it’s free of these nuisances is something that shouldn’t be avoided.

Though the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act prevents us from relocating animals far enough away to prevent them from returning to your property, we will promptly and humanely secure your home to create an atmosphere which the animal will not be able to thrive in, ensuring that they’ll naturally stay away from your property.

We also can help you with preventative maintenance upon request including:

  • Chimney screening,
  • Securing roof & side vents
  • Deck securing
  • Staircase and sheds
  • Live trap rental and release
  • Dead animal removal
  • Branch trimming
  • Eaves trough cleaning and capping
  • Bat house installation

Call us at 1.855.669.9453 and we can answer any question you may have or set up a consultation!