Humane Animal Control & Removal Services Toronto

Representing the ‘T’ in the GTA, A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal and Prevention is bringing our 12 years of experience in wildlife control and the best customer service in the industry to Toronto, Ontario. With a population of approximately 2.8 million people, Toronto is both Ontario and Canada’s largest city, as well as the media and economic centres of the country.

Toronto’s skyline is topped by the world famous CN Tower, which claimed the title of the world’s tallest freestanding structure for 34 years. The CN Tower stands overlooking the equally iconic Rogers Centre which is home to the Toronto Blue Jays as well as Argonauts. Formerly known as the SkyDome, it was the first of its kind when completed in 1989 with a fully retractable mechanical roof.

Culturally, Toronto has as much to offer as any city you can visit with attractions such as the world class Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario. Toronto has a thriving theatre industry, numerous markets and countless restaurants that will serve you a meal you’d be happy with if it were your last.

One of the exciting aspects of living in Toronto is the constant stream of festivals that take place almost every weekend. Whether it be the Toronto International Film Festival, which sees parts of King St. shut down every year to welcome A-list movie stars for the world premiere of major motion pictures, Nuit Blanche, a free overnight contemporary art festival or Toronto’s Ribfest, which is exactly as delicious as it sounds, there’s always something to do in Toronto!

Home Animal & Pest Control Services Toronto

While there may always be something to do in Toronto, one of those things is unfortunately dealing with the raccoons that rummage through the garbage. That’s where A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal and Prevention Services can help. Beyond racoons, we have experience dealing with bats, opossums, wasps, foxes, rabbits, skunks, squirrels and snakes.

An abundance of people in the city makes for an abundance of garbage and other attracting factors for unwanted pests to make their way around your home. From garbage pickers to those who have make shelter in your shed, garage or even your home, it’s essential to your home’s well-being that they’re dealt with as soon as possible.

We will safely, swiftly and humanely remove wildlife from your premise and get their population under control while sealing off any access points.

Beyond simply removal, at A1 Checkmate we also offer preventative maintenance including:

  • Chimney screening,
  • Securing roof & side vents
  • Deck securing
  • Staircase and sheds
  • Live trap rental and release
  • Dead animal removal
  • Branch trimming
  • Eaves trough cleaning and capping
  • Bat house installation

To speak with one of our experts about resolving your wildlife issues, give us a call at 1.855.669.9453 and fix your pest problem today!