Humane Animal Control & Removal Services Scarborough

Located east of Toronto, Scarborough is a diverse community home to a variety of cultures and identities. A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal serves the district of Scarborough and it’s 625,698 residents with safe, humane and effective wildlife removal.

Scarborough is a particularly popular destination for new immigrants to Canada. In addition to its close proximity to downtown Toronto – an economic and cultural hub of Canada – Scarborough is widely known as one of the greenest locations in the city. Residents enjoy natural landmarks such as the Scarborough Bluffs and Rouge Park, as well as golf courses, trails and more.

Highland Creek, Toronto’s most urbanized watershed, flows through Scarborough’s residential districts and parks into Lake Ontario. In addition to the Rouge River, Scarborough residents enjoy beautiful natural landscapes, beaches and a variety of wildlife. Deer, foxes and coyote are common sights in the district’s Rouge River Valley.

Many prominent companies also headquarter in Scarborough. The economy is shaped by these companies which comprise of a variety of industries. Toyota Canada Inc., Bell Media, President’s Choice Financial and Yellow Pages Group are a few of many companies headquartered in Scarborough.

Scarborough was also home to many internationally recognized actors and musicians. Inspired by Scarborough local T.V. in the mid-90’s, comedian and actor Mike Myers went on to produce the hit comedy Wayne’s World. Erin McCormack of the T.V. series Will and Grace and comedian and actor Jim Carrey also once called Scarborough their home. The musical talent of Scarborough also gave rise to popular singer The Weeknd and musical group Barenaked Ladies.

Residents of Scarborough enjoy a wide array of attractions and cultural events throughout the year. The Scarborough Town Centre shopping mall is the 10th largest in Canada. The mall also includes the Scarborough Walk of Fame, dedicated to it’s many accomplished residents – including Vicky Sunohara, Olympic gold medalist for women’s hockey. The community’s animal lovers also enjoy quick access to the Toronto Zoo, the largest zoo in Canada.

Additionally, the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival takes place annually to celebrate multicultural films. The Scarborough Music Theatre, Scarborough Players and Scarborough Theatre Guild also offer an abundance of opportunities for artists and citizens to enjoy concerts and performances.

Home Animal & Pest Control Services Scarborough

Due to it’s environment, proximity to Toronto and variety of wildlife, many residents of Scarborough require humane wildlife removal. A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal has over 12 years of experience safely removing animals and improving the safety of urban areas.

We quickly identify problem areas and ensure that any animal or pest access points to your home are cut off. Our superior customer service and attention to detail help prevent water damage, breeding and more than 60 transmittable diseases as a result of infestation. We remove bats, birds, foxes, raccoons, opossum, skunks, squirrels, snakes and more.

As the community of Scarborough continues to grow, residents trust A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal to control pests, prevent property damage and eliminate all health hazards. We offer the following services:

  • Chimney screening
  • Securing roof & side vents
  • Deck securing
  • Staircase and sheds
  • Live trap rental and release
  • Dead animal removal
  • Branch trimming
  • Eaves trough cleaning and capping
  • Bat house installation

If you have any questions or to arrange a consultation, call us at 1.855.669.9453 and we’ll be happy to assist you.