Humane Animal Control & Removal Services Aurora

About 45km north of Toronto’s downtown you’ll find the quaint little community of Aurora, Ontario. Residents of Aurora will be happy to know that A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal and Prevention is happy to bring our 12 years of experience in wildlife control and the best customer service in the industry to your community! With a population of just over 53, 000 and only a short drive to Toronto, Aurora has a small town homeliness while offering its residents access to big city amenities.

But Aurora certainly has more to offer of its own than simply close proximity to Toronto! State Farm has its Canadian headquarters located in Aurora and Magna International – North America’s largest automotive parts supplier – is based out of Aurora as well, helping to provide a stable base for its economy. In terms of culture, Aurora has been home to Theatre Aurora since 1958.

The company currently puts on five community revues a year along with two more presented by youth groups. Every February, Aurora hosts their annual Ice Festival. The family event features vendors, ice carving, ice fishing, outdoor winter games, arctic golf and many more activities to entertain residents of all ages. Offering a stable economy and a quiet life, Aurora has become a town of young families with 45% of residencies being single family households with kids. While the residents of Aurora may be used to having a bunch of little kids running around, unfortunately they may have to deal with some little wildlife issues too. That is where A1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal and Prevention can help! We have plenty of experience taking care of everything from bats to raccoons, opossums, wasps, foxes, rabbits, skunks, squirrels and snakes.

Home Animal & Pest Control Services Aurora

According to research, there are over 60 transmittable diseases found in wildlife waste, meaning that you and your family are at risk of illnesses like tuberculosis, West Nile Disease and fowl typhoid if help is not found. Because of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, we are unable to relocate animals further than one kilometre away to prevent them from returning to your home. However, we will safely, swiftly and humanely control your wildlife problem while sealing off any access points to prevent the problem from recurring. Besides removal, we also offer preventative maintenance here at A1 Checkmate including following services:

  • Chimney screening,
  • Securing roof & side vents
  • Deck securing
  • Staircase and sheds
  • Live trap rental and release
  • Dead animal removal
  • Branch trimming
  • Eaves trough cleaning and capping
  • Bat house installation

  If you have any questions or to arrange a consultation, call us at 1.855.669.9453 and we’ll be happy to assist you.